1 September 2014

Keeping change

Today I've got a bit of an unexpected thing to tell. I went to the Natural History Museum here in London, and to my suprise I found interior details in their shop! They actually had lots of fun and different things - everything from milk jugs shaped as animals, to photo frames made from recycled paper and aprons. I really enjoyed going around and look at all these things!

I ended up buying a soap dish with a bird on it, but I am not going to put it in my bathroom. I am actually going to use it for my change! Believe it or not - but I've never had as much change as here in London, and I can't keep it all in my wallet. So my solution is a soap dish, which works perfectly fine and looks very pretty!

I think this lovely soap dish was £10 or something like that, but totally worth it as it can keep quite a lot of the change I get!

30 August 2014

Verbena (a summer in Provence)

Hello again!

I'm a bit obsessed with candles, as you guys might know, and I've found a new favourite here in London! This candle comes from Lily-Flame and is called Verbena (a summer in Provence), and it smells absolutely amazing. It has a strong scent of lemon and is very citrusy, which I think works great for spring and summer! The candle also comes in a lovely tin with a yellow lable, and even better is that it has a lid. Perfect for when you're not using it and don't want dust in your candle!

It's not just the outside that looks nice, the inside looks amazing and fun too! I bought this candle at John Lewis for £8.50, which isn't that bad at all. Best thing though is that it comes in a big glass jar as well!

15 August 2014

A sixvase!

Oh my god, it's been so quiet here lately. Being an au pair is so busy, and whenever I have time to write something here I'm just too tired! Anyway, I went back to Sweden for a couple of days last week, and even though I don't live there anymore I couldn't resist buying a lovely vase that I found. It's a bit different from what vases usually looks like, but that just makes things more interesting!

I didn't bring my big camera with me to Sweden, so here's two pictures I took with my phone. They're not the best, but you can still see what the vase looks like!

It's six mini-vases that are joined together in the middle, which I thought was quite cool! You can just fit one flower in each mini-vase (depending on size of course). I bought it at Cervera for just 129 sek.

And last Friday, when I was waiting at Heathrow for my flight, I decided to buy a magazine. I haven't read a magazine for three months or so, so I decided to buy the heaviest magazine I could find (note to self: don't do it again, it's not the best when travelling), which happend to be about interior design! I found so much inspiration in this magazine and absolutely fell in love with it! It was quite expensive to be honest, almost £10, but I think it was worth it. Didn't manage to get a good picture of it, but hey, you can still see what it is!

I'm back in London now though, and I actually have one more thing I want to show you. I will save it for another post, but it has with one of my obsessions to do!

12 July 2014

DIY Seedchips


I hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday! To make this day a bit better, here's a new YouTube-video for you to watch, enjoy!

28 June 2014

Pride in London

Well, hello!

London life is busy, and I don't really get any time to sit down and write about everything that happens. And when I do, I'm in general too tired to even bother... I'm keeping busy with "my kids", meeting loads of new people and discovering new places. I'm still in love with Camden though.

Anyway, today I went in to Trafalgar Square to watch the pride parade! I didn't even know about it until one of my au pair friends asked me to join in on the fun. Trafalgar Square was super busy and it was pouring with rain, but obviously that didn't stop people from watching the parade! In the end of the parade we actually ended up right by the fence and got some pretty good pictures that I'm going to share with you. So here we go!

And what do you think about a new video soon? I filmed a little DIY before I left home, and now I think it's time to edit it and put it up on YouTube!

26 May 2014

Blaze On - my new favourite

When you move to a new city or even country, I think it's really important to find new favourite places (apart from your home). I went in to Camden Town today, and absolutely loved it! It's such an amazing place with loads of things to look at and explore. Love it!

But, inside of the markets I found my new favourite shop - Blaze On. They sell the most amazing fairy lights, and if you know me you know that fairy lights are my weakness. So when I found them online (and then realized that the shops aren't far away) I exploded with happiness! The fairy lights are on the more expensive side, but if you want something a bit more special than regular ones, this is the shop to aim for. So if you're going to Camden Town and are on the hunt for fairy lights, you can find Blaze On in both Lock Market and Stables Market (or you can just buy them online if you prefer)!

Pictures of the fairy lights I bought will be posted soon!

11 May 2014

Finally in London!


I know it's been very quiet here the last few weeks, but I'm in London now! So far I've experienced a lot of rain, clouds and wind. Hoping for better weather this week, because it's cold! But I guess this is the kind of weather I have to get used to?

Today I went for a little walk in the area I live in and brought my camera with me. Unfortunatelly I didn't get a lot of good pictures because of the wind, but at least a couple of them were ok. Especially this one of the creepiest house I've found so far in this area (it looks even creepier from the front side).

But yeah, everything's well over here so far!